The first brick identifying and inventory system in the world.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Instabrick is able to quickly identify your LEGO® bricks and minifigures. Combined with our state-of the-art online inventory system, it allows you to easily and effectively manage your collection.

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Identify your collection

The perfect assistant for any brick lover and AFOL.

Extremely easy to use, Instabrick allows you to manage your collection of LEGO® bricks and minifigures precisely, neatly and efficiently. Instabrick provides you a detailed, cloud-based inventory integrated with the main brick marketplaces

More than






bricks and minifigures
thanks to the +3K users of the Instabrick platform

The Instabrick database is the largest archive of standardized LEGO® bricks photos in the world. We achieved this result with the contribution of all users of the platform, and which allows Instabrick to be quick and precise in identifying items.

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How to use your Instabrick.

Build your box & register.

Unleash your imagination, build the box with your bricks (base 16×16, height 11 bricks) and connect the Top to the PC via USB-c cable. By registering on our site and clicking on the “I own an Instabrick unit” button, you will have access to the full-featured Dashboard.

Register your Instabrick unit

Scan & identify your bricks.

To scan a brick or a minifigure, just insert it into the Box and hit the “Quick Scan” button in the Dashboard. In a few seconds, the A.I. will recognize its Design ID and color code, allowing you to add it to your inventory.

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Collect new bricks.

If the scanned LEGO® is not yet in the database, you can upload its photos and it will be recorded as “owned by” you. It is possible to improve the identification of bricks and minifigures already in the database, by uploading additional photos from different angles.

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Organize your Inventory.

You can manage your Inventory in several “Drawers”, divided into “Containers”, so as to match your physical inventory and ease the search in your own collection. It is also possible to import an inventory from Bricklink or Rebrickable via XML file.

Manage your Inventory

Anatomy of the INSTABRICK

What is included with Instabrick.

The only fully crowd-funded and crowd-sourced LEGO® identification and inventory system. Made by three components (Top, Box and Dashboard), Instabrick is able to identify bricks and minifigures, allowing you to create your own online inventory.


Instabrick's “eyes”: on the lower side, the Top is equipped with a high resolution camera and a series of 20 LEDs capable of properly illuminating the brick to be identified. The Top can be connected to a PC via the USB-c cable and associated with your profile by registering on the Dashboard.

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The Box.

The structure that supports the Top and that creates the optimal conditions for recognition. The Box can be built freely with your own bricks of any color or size as long as it has a base of 16 x 16 bricks and a height of 11. The gray cardboard background ease the identification and is also supplied with the Instabrick Top.

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The Dashboard.

The real "brain" of Instabrick: thanks to our A.I. algorithms, the Dashboard is in fact able to identify LEGO® bricks and minifigures in a few seconds, and allows you to manage your inventory and interact with the main marketplaces. The Dashboard is accessible from any browser and does not require any software installation.

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Monthly Challenge

November Challenge #23

Ready, steady… Go!
The new Monthly Scan Challenge is on, and yes,
this is the prize for the Instabricker who will scan the most!

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