How to take part in the Challenge.

Every month comes a new Instabrick Challenge. You can win a LEGO® set just by helping us making the Instabrick database more complete. The more you contribute to the Instabrick database, the more chances you have to win.


To participate in the Challenge, just use the Instabrick box to scan your bricks and improve their identification by uploading as many points you can get. Each photo will allow you to earn points for the Challenge. For each brick, a color mark will tell you how many points you can get:

  • the Red icon means more points since no photos are associated to that brick
  • the Yellow icon tells you additional photos are required
  • the Green icon means no photos are required.

20 points

multiplied by the number of pictures you take, and you own that brick

5 points

multiplied by the number of pictures you take

1 points

multiplied by the number of pictures you take

Remember to take good photos: points are only awarded after an administrator double checks the images and approves them.

The more points you get over the course of the month, the greater your chances of winning the LEGO® set: every 2,500 points you get a ticket to participate in the monthly draw.

The winning Instabricker will be announced on the 1st Monday of each month via a live stream on our Facebook profile and will be invited to contact us privately to arrange the delivery of the prize.

Good luck!

Monthly Challenge

November Challenge #23

Ready, steady… Go!
The new Monthly Scan Challenge is on, and yes,
this is the prize for the Instabricker who will scan the most!

How to take part

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