The Instabrick Top

How to connect and use the Instabrick Top.

Discover the technical characteristics of the Instabrick Top and how to connect it to the Dashboard to begin identifying your bricks.

The Instabrick Top.

The Instabrick Top is the hardware component that allows you identify bricks and minifigures. Positioned above the Box, it creates the best conditions of illumination for the camera to scan the bricks.


  • High resolution camera
  • 20 integrated LEDs
  • USB-c Connector
  • No external power needed

Once placed on top of the Box and connected to the computer via the supplied USB-c cable, the Instabrick Top can be associated with your profile without having to install any software. Just access the login page, and click on “I own an Instabrick unit”.

Once the browser has allowed access to the camera, place the card with the registration QR-code that you received with your Instabrick unit under the camera. Click on “Scan code” and follow the instructions to complete the registration to the Dashboard and the association of your Top to your profile.