Go Geeker

Let’s go a little Geeker.

Tech details, how to use the platform and everything you need to know about your new Instabrick!

Bricklink integration.

Instabrick is fully compatible with Bricklink.

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How to scan.

Instabrick is able to identify your bricks in seconds: use the “Quick Scan” or “Deep Scan” modes and get the results sorted by similarity.

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Instabrick Inventory.

Manage your Inventory of LEGO® bricks and minifigures, allocating them into "Drawers" and "Containers" to match the physical organization of your collection.

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The “Parts” Section.

The "Parts" section contains a detailed list of all the bricks and minifigures in the LEGO® catalog: scroll through all the items searching by ID, name, color.

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The Instabrick Top.

Discover the technical characteristics of the Instabrick Top and how to connect it to the Dashboard to begin identifying your bricks.

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The Instabrick Box.

Unleash your creativity and build your own version of the Instabrick Box with LEGO® bricks. Just keep the geometry shown in the instructions.

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Every month comes a new Instabrick Challenge. You can win a LEGO® set just by helping us making the Instabrick database more complete. The more you contribute to the Instabrick database, the more chances you have to win.

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