The Instabrick Box

Show us your creativity: build your custom Box.

Unleash your creativity and build your own version of the Instabrick Box with LEGO® bricks. Just keep the geometry shown in the instructions.

The Instabrick Box.

Made of LEGO® bricks, it has two main features:

  • Create a controlled light environment in terms of brightness and background, to optimize the brick identification.
  • Support the Instabrick Top at a precise height, so as to have a constant parameter in terms of the size of the framed brick.

The Box can be freely built with original LEGO® bricks, without any limitation regarding the colors or dimensions of the individual bricks. Just keep the geometry:

  • Base of 16 x 16 bricks
  • Height of 11 bricks
  • Closed on 3 sides

Download the instructions to build your Instabrick Box:

Download now